Financial Support

2021 Year-End Campaign

Right now in Wood County, an increasing number of survivors – our neighbors, friends, co-workers and family members – are suffering from abuse. As of October 31st, 727 survivors have reached out for help compared to 747 survivors served in all of 2020.

All Cocoon services are provided to survivors and their children at no cost to them, so your support is essential. Working together, we can ensure that survivors have access to the lifesaving supports they need to live free from abuse, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

And thanks to a very generous anonymous donor, your tax-deductible gift will have double the impact! Each donation received by December 31st will be matched to help us reach our year-end goal of $20,000.

To access services 24/7, call 419-373-1730 and select option #2.

Support The Cocoon’s Programs

Your financial gifts will help us support the many programs and services we provide. All services are provided to survivors throughout their lifespan at no cost to them. Your support helps make these critical programs and services possible.

Learn more about our programs below and click the donate button to make a one-time or monthly recurring gift today. Every amount helps!

Safe Shelter Program

Safe housing options are essential for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. The Cocoon provides emergency safe housing to more than 75 adults and children each year. Your support will help us continue to provide a safe haven for those fleeing abuse.

  • Monthly program cost: $15,000
  • One night of emergency shelter: $100
  • Meal for a family in shelter: $10
Prevention and Education

Breaking the cycle of domestic and sexual violence is critical to reducing victimization and trauma in the community. Your support will help us work with community members of all ages to create change and stop domestic and sexual violence before it happens.

  • Monthly program cost: $7,500
Crisis Support Services

Services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at NO COST to the survivor. Cocoon advocates respond to more than 6,000 calls annually from more than 600 survivors who need our help. Your support will ensure that survivors have access to services, support and safety planning at their most critical time of need.

  • Monthly program cost: $5,000
  • One week of 24/7 on-call crisis support: $525
Legal Access Program

Access to legal remedies allows survivors to achieve safety, stability and justice. Your support will help Cocoon provide court advocacy and linkages to attorneys for survivors needing to navigate criminal court cases, as well as divorce, custody and protection order hearings.

  • Monthly program cost: $4,000
  • One hour of legal representation: $75
Children’s Programming

We house more than 20 children in our emergency shelter each year and support more than 600 families in the community. Our children’s programs include on-site trauma counseling, kid and teen-friendly healing spaces, activities and peer support. Your support will help us reduce the effects of trauma on children who’ve been exposed to domestic or sexual violence.

  • Monthly program cost: $3,000
  • One hour of children’s counseling: $50
Safe Pets Program

Domestic violence, child abuse and animal abuse frequently occur simultaneously in a family. Your support will provide pet-friendly spaces, food and other necessities so that survivors won’t have to choose between fleeing abuse and the safety of their pets.

  • Monthly program cost: $1,000
Economic Empowerment Program

Financial abuse is often the main reason domestic violence survivors stay with or return to an abusive partner. Your support will help The Cocoon provide survivors with the tools needed to create financial stability, including budgeting, credit repair, employment, and matched savings opportunities.

  • Monthly program cost: $1,250
Transportation Services

Cocoon advocates help coordinate more than 1,500 requests for transportation to medical, counseling, legal and child-related appointments each year. Your support will help ensure that survivors have access to methods of transportation that ensure their long-term stability and success.

  • Monthly program cost: $500
  • One week of transportation: $25

Financial Transparency

The Cocoon is committed to providing donors with current financial statements.

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